About us

Babies skin are the most delicate and need utmost care in the early stages of development.

The primary objective of our brand is to provide Sustainable Natural Dyed Baby Clothes that are safe to Baby’s Skin at affordable prices. We are one of the very few brands in the world specializing in Natural Dyed Knitted Baby Garments. By repeated trials, we have made designs and prints suitable for baby clothes, that weren’t available in Natural Dyeing earlier.

The synthetic dyes commonly used in the garment industry are mainly derived from Petroleum and Coal Tar. Some of the synthetic dyes have carcinogenic effect too. Our skin has the tendency to absorb things and we need to be conscious about what we put on Baby’s Skin. Our Natural Dyed Clothes are processed using naturally available herbs, vegetables, fruits, spices, roots and minerals. Natural dyed clothes are not only safe to Baby’s skin but also has numerous health benefits.

We make sure that the raw materials used in our dyeing and printing processes are sourced directly from Farmers of different parts of the country thereby ensuring them an additional income. Also, all our products are made using only GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

Clothing Industry is one of the most polluting industry in the World. The environmental impact of the synthetic dyes is vast and there isn’t any proper solution yet. Also, the labors working with synthetic dyes are prone to health hazards like respiratory diseases. Whereas our Natural dyes are Environment friendly and completely safe for Labors involved in the processing.


Our Mission

Natural Dyeing process has its own limitations. The process is laborious and involves high processing costs and there are limitations in designing. We continuously work on methods to make our products affordable to all and incorporate various designs and prints to give a wide range of options for parents to choose for their little bundle of joy. We are currently working on more categories of Daily Wear and Occasion Wear which will enter our product range soon.

Let’s Clothe our Kids Naturally and give them a Greener Environment.

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