Cherry Pink Solid Skirt

Cherry Pink Solid Skirt

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Cherry Pink Solid Skirt

Skirts made of Soft & Breathable Organic cotton, Dyed using Natural Color extracted from Madder Root and Sea Salt

*Made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

*Dyed Using Natural Color Extracted from Madder Root and Sea Salt

*Soft & Breathable Fabric

*No Chemicals Used in Processing

*No Artificial Fabric Softeners Used


*Comes in Reusable Cloth Bag




*Wash with Mild Detergent

*Do Not Pour Detergent Directly on to the Clothes

*Do Not Bleach

*Dry in Shade

*Avoid Contact with Citric Substances

*Natural Dyed Clothes might Bleed Colors Slightly in First One or Two Washes

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